Re-Nourish by Dr. Al Sears

Re-Nourish is a highly-potent hair spray that has been made using natural ingredients and is backed by scientific researches. The product is a convenient option for anyone who wants to regrow his hair and prevent hair fall. Infused with stem cell technology, this spray provides nutrients to the scalp that it requires for triggering better hair health.

Re-Nourish review

Thinning hair can be a source of extreme embarrassment. People mock those who have bald heads or treat them as if they are elderly. Solutions come in the form of surgeries which are too risky too go for. And even if one prepares himself and goes for the procedure, the expenses can be burdening. The fee for such surgeries costs a bomb.

Shampoos and other tinctures can also be used. But those are hardly ever worth the money. One product that a person can go for is Re-Nourish. This scalp spray works to effectively help one regrow hair and prevent hair fall. It contains stem cell technology and nourishes the scalp. It improves blood circulation and provides with ample nutrition for proper hair growth and strength.  

Features of the product

There are several amazing qualities that this product boasts of. Re-Nourish comes from a reliable manufacturer. Dr. Al Sears has several products on the market all of which are doing well. Since the maker is known one can rely on the product. Additionally, the hair spray offers one a convenient route to hair gain. One doesn’t have to apply any oil, take any supplement, or go for a technical surgery.

All he has to do, is spray on the product on a regular basis. The nutrients provided to the scalp are absorbed easily which means better and fast results. The convenience offered is a plus point. The natural composition of the product is another pro. One product doesn’t have any reported negative side effects of use. Which is unlike other shampoos and surgical procedures.

The spray is also backed by science. Research has it formed the grounds for its production. Academic studies show the ingredients to hold efficacy. Clinical research has proven the product to be effective at its working. The product also comes along with a money-back guarantee. This shows that the company has faith in the working of its product.

It also shows that the company understands that while their product may suit one, it might not meet everyone’s preference. If someone is not satisfied with the spray he can return it and get his cash back. Terms and conditions may apply. One can read further details on the official website to see if the product is one that he would want to go for.

Benefits of this product

There are a whole lot of benefits offered by this product. Some of these have been mentioned below:

  • Regrows hair at a rapid rate
  • Prevents further hair loss
  • Prevents further hair damage
  • Grants one healthy hair
  • Increases the shine of hair
  • Improves the texture of the hair
  • Makes hair smoother
  • Works effectively to increase the thickness of hair

Working of this product

Not having enough hair or one’s head, or worse being entirely bald, can make one feel embarrassed and under-confident. All those magazine covers have the faces of people with shiny, strong, and thick hair for a reason; that’s what the society accepts. While one should and can ignore the comments of random people, it can get on one’s nerves when one is treated like he is aged or when available opportunities go down because of this lacking in one’s appearance.

With Re-Nourish, one can stimulate hair growth. The natural formula ensures that no side effects barge in. The product works by providing the scalp with nourishment. It provides the area with increased blood flow which also helps protect one from hair loss. The infused stem cell technology that has been added in the blend of natural ingredients ensures healthy hair growth.

The bottle has a high concentration of Plant Stem Cells also known as Malus Domestica Fruit Cell Culture Extract and Saw Palmetto which is also called Serenoa Repens. These two work, to inhibit the production of DHT, dihydrotosterone. This DHT is often the reason that causes hair fall. This is how the product works to curb the problem.

Ingredients of this product

Re-Nourish by Dr. Al Sears contains only organic ingredients. This one quality makes it seem reliable. That’s because most products contain harmful components that either impact the scalp immediately or show their damage with time. Either way, such products cannot be trusted. However, since there are so many scams out there, one must use even this product by first consulting a specialist.

This product doesn’t comprise any fillers, additives or other such chemicals as claimed by the manufacturer. It only uses ingredients that have been plucked from nature and added to the formula taking into account the usefulness of each. Some of the elements that this product contains are the following:

  • Plant stem cells
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Black seed oil
  • Rosemary oil
  • Horsetail extract
  • Palm kernel oil
  • Burdock root extract
  • Fenugreek seed extract
  • Black cumin seed oil
  • Rosemary essential oil

Why go for this product?

What makes this product by Dr. Al Sears a better option than its alternatives, is that along with having a natural composition that is safe and along with having a scientific backing, this product comes infused with special stem cell technology that makes it more efficient. The ingredient list is powerful as well. Moreover, there’s a refund policy in place as well.


Re-Nourish is an incredible product that is backed by clinical research and trials. It is packed with potent ingredients. The application of the product is easy-peasy. One must, however, follow all instructions while using the spray. Also, backed by a solid refund policy, it seems to be a promising product. It doesn’t come with any harmful ingredients or impacts.

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